Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers day

As we all know it's mothers day (Well here in the UK at least) I wanted to really spoil my mum this year as until we move (fingers crossed very soon) i'm the only one of us six kids that's able to as the others live hundreds of miles away!

Unfortunately I don't have the money at the minute to spoil her like I want to but I did get her a great book as she loves to read and I do pride myself on my baking and knowing exactly what to bake for certain situations and occasions. As it's mothers day, I decided that the perfect thing to bake for my lovely mum would be this Victoria sponge. (Or sandwich, whichever you prefer) It's filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam, what could be more perfect?

Hope you've all spoilt your mums or if you are mums I hope you've been spoilt yourself! Happy Mothers Day!!

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